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About Me:

I'm a fun-loving mum, I always try to see the beauty in everything and the good in every situation however, I know life is tough and hard at times and this blog is to inspire all those like me out their, who love beauty, great food, great company and want the beautiful life that so many men and women like me aspire to have but with a real down to earth edge.


 Too many times I have been duped into buying the latest make up collection or designer handbag (ok handbags) or the latest outfits that have been in every glossy magazine, only to discover they are really not worth the hype.

If you're looking for healthy fun treats and craft ideas for your family you will find it here and it won't break the bank or be part of a fad diet or some monthly gimmick either.

I will have reviews and updates on everything from the latest beauty releases, how to keep the whole family entertained, and happy with some yummy food and snack recipes to money-saving tips and tricks that have changed my family life.

All reviews are my honest opinions and if something is bad or not worth the money, i will let you know as too many times have i bought or done something because i was told it's brilliant but in reality they were being paid to say that. 

All sponsored posts will clearly say sponsored.

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