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5 Second Rule : Game Review

5 second rule is a fast-paced game of hilarity and chaos, the game seems easy, say three answers in three seconds, well your wrong! When your put on the spot and the timer ticks down you come out with all sorts of gibberish and funny answers.

5 second rule board game review
5 second rule game review

The rules of the game is simple: Players take turns being in the Hot Seat, whoever is on their left is the person who reads a card out loud that begins with “Name 3…,” then flips over the fun 5-second twisted timer and the race is on to see if you can name three things in that category before the timer runs out.

You are given printed rules to play the game, but the fun part is when I player says something, they think is correct but it is questionable, the other players have the final say if it’s allowed or not. For example, if the question was “name three vegetables” and the answers were carrots, potatoes and tomatoes, the players have to agree if tomatoes are a vegetable of a fruit.

examples of 5 second rule cards the can be pick to play with.
5 second rule cards -

Some of the cards are easy like “name three 3 things you have never done before” or “name three board games”, which are great for younger players but some categories are better for adults like “name three mothers” or my favorite question which was “name three famous battles” and my son shouted out with “the one where nanna and grandad stopped talking for two weeks!” which made everyone laugh and then wonder when did nana and grandad stopped talking to each other. It’s hard to explain this fun game of quick talking and flustered answers that will have you laughing for hours because of the funny answers people come out with.

5 second rule game played with all peices across the board and the cards ready to be played.
5 second rule game play -

It says on the box the game is recommended for players aged 10 and up but we have played the game with younger kids around eight and they don’t have trouble answering most of the questions.

What other games do you play as a family? are you board game crazy like our family? let me know what you favorite games are over on twitter or see what else I'm up to on Instagram.

Sarah x


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