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5 Amazing Health Benefits of Sleeping Naked

Over the years there have been many things I have tried in the pursuit of a good relaxing night’s sleep, from cutting out all caffeine, drinking herbal teas, lying in a dark room, changing my diet and of course turning off all my electronic devices like the TV and my mobile phone.

Is sleeping naked good for your health?

If you're like me and struggle to drift off and get a good night sleep, I'm happy to say that there is one easy way to get a relaxing night's sleep and get some other benefits too. After finding out the amazing benefits of sleeping naked can have on your body and mind, I’m sure it will convince you to adopt a new bedtime habit of stripping off and relaxing.

What are the health benefits of sleeping naked?

1. It Boost’s your Confidence.

Sleeping naked is a great way to stay in touch with your body, spending more time naked means you get used to seeing acquainted your naked body. Over time, this leads to an increase in self-esteem and a happier and more confident body image. You will get acquainted with the area’s of your body we all have, that we don’t like and realise, my stretch marks are not that visible or my stomach is flatter than I thought. You will see a more positive side to your body when you don’t hide it away.

2. It keeps down their healthy

For women sleeping naked is a great way to improve vaginal health and avoid getting yeast infections. Sleeping in pyjamas and sweaty or tight-fitting underwear can increase your risk of yeast infections as bacteria grows in warm moist areas.

For men sleeping in pyjamas or shorts leads to warmer body temperatures this can have a major impact on a man's sperm count and fertility as a higher body temperature can result in damaged sperm.

3. It Helps keep you young

It may sound strange but sleeping naked will help your body to stay nice and cool, researchers at the University of Amsterdam have found that the best way to ensure a night of good quality sleep is lowering your skin temperature. If you have ever tried to fall asleep in a warm room and spent the night tossing and turning only to eventually kicking the covers off in a bid to get a comfortable night's sleep, then your body has been trying to tell you to cool things down. Well, it turns out the being too warm at night disrupts the release of our natural anti-ageing hormones melatonin. Once asleep, the decrease in body temperature helps your body transition into the REM phase of sleep which is when you dream and where your body receives the best quality sleep.

4. Decrease Stress, Anxiety and Depression

The good news is studies have shown that getting a better night's sleep can help to decrease stress and anxiety. As anyone who struggles with depression knows lack of sleep only makes depression symptoms worse and depression often goes hand in hand with stress and anxiety. When you sleep naked it encourages a healthier sleeping schedule, as once you get undressed you are less likely to get out of bed again for a drink or to make a snack. It will help you create a happy and relaxing sleeping routine which can also lead to a decrease in overall stress and anxiety as well.

5. Increases Intimacy with your Partner

It’s easy to see why sleeping naked with your partner promotes intimacy in your relationship, the convenience of having your clothes already out of the way can make sex more frequent and consistent. Having skin-on-skin contact with your partner while sleeping naked stimulates the release of oxytocin, which improves the bond you have with your partner you may have heard of it as the love hormone.

What have you tried to get a better night sleep? Let me know over on Twitter, Instagram or have a look at what else I’ve been up to over on Pinterest.

Sweet dreams x


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