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Spring Skincare Routine: 9 Tips For Healthy Glowing Skin This Spring

Spring is here and the weather is getting warmer, it’s time to update your skincare routine as well as updating your wardrobe, to ensure you have healthy glowing skin in time for the sunshine. Here are some effortless spring skincare tips to keep your face and body looking fresh and feeling radiant.

9 Spring Skincare Routine Tips Healthy Glowing Skin

1. Spring Clean your Skincare

The new season is a good reason to clean out all your old skincare products, that have been half use and forgotten about. The warmer weather will mean what worked for your skin in winter won't work in the spring and summer.

2. Exfoliate for glowing skin

After the harsh winter months, the best way to bring you skin back to its glowing self is to exfoliate all your old, dry skin to reveal a fresh new layer underneath ready for the warm spring/summer weather.

there are plenty of exfoliators in the market always opt gentle exfoliation over harsh. A harsh exfoliator will take off the dead skin cells and some of the fresh skin cells too which will cause skin irritation.

I like to use a sugar or sea salt-based scrub as a gentle all-over exfoliator or you can use a bath illy or shower flower with your normal shower gel but stay away from loofas they are too damaging on your skin.

3. Always use a high SPF sunscreen

Don’t underestimate the damage of harmful UV rays and on your skin, it can lead to permanent skin damage, sun spots, wrinkles, discolouration and possible skin cancer in the long run.

use a high-quality sunscreen, don’t just opt for the cheapest on the market and use sunscreen as a separate part of your beauty routine, not just an SPF mixed in with a moisturiser of foundation. It can reduce your susceptibility to sunburn and make sure you cover both your face and your body.

I always try and use an SPF level of at least 30+ it better at have a high factor sun cream than and keep topping up through the day. The SPF in the moisturiser you put on first thing in the morning is not going to protect you all day.

4. Moisturize More!

Spring is here and the weather is getting nice and we are wearing fewer layers so it’s time to get in a good moisturising regime. Change your moisturiser, what worked for your skin in winter won't work the same in spring or summer.

Use a light feeling moisturiser and ditch the heavy creams during the day, save the heavy creams for your nighttime routine. A couple of my favourites are: Clinique's 'dramatically different moisturising lotion +' and Clinique's 'moisture surge' they work well for my combination skin and has stopped my skin getting too dry, Olay Regenerist whips is another light yet effective moisturiser and when I want to something a little more luxurious I opt for my 'Magic cream' by ch

charlotte till bury.

Choose a moisturiser with an SPF but don’t rely on that alone you're going to layer up the SPF so you're going to be more protected against harmful UV rays throughout the day.

5. Refresh with a Facial Mist

For years I made fun of my mother who would use a facial mist when the weather would start to get warmer but after adding this to my beauty routine I have seen a massive difference to my skin.

Using a facial mist is a quick, effective and easy way to refresh your skin when you’re outside. During the warm months where pollen and pollution are all around using a facial mist will keep you cool, keep your skin looking great and can help with allergies. There are lots to choose from opting for ones with added vitamin C or vitamin E or ones with antioxidant properties is always a good option.

6. Stop Using Heavy Foundation and Concealer.

Spring is the time for getting that natural looking glowing skin, what you don’t want to do is go covering it up with a heavy foundation. Try using a light coverage foundation, BB cream or go fresh-faced for the day.

Using a less coverage foundation will help to revitalize your skin and help you achieve that fresh-faced natural skin. Concentrate more on skincare rather than covering up your skin. The extra heat will make you sweat more and dirt will buildup in your pores. So as much as possible, avoid using heavy foundations in the spring and summer months.

Ditch the concealer, you won't need it and it will help your skin breathe a little more and will help improve any blemishes or spots.

7. Change the way you Cleanse Your Skin

Spring is here and the weather is getting nicer, one easy way to change and improve your skin is to update your facial cleanser it will help with the pollen and pollution and clean out your pores more effectively.

In both the morning and evening wash, your face with a gentle censer like CeraVe hydrating cleanser and make sure you cleanse properly in the evening to help remove all the sweat, pollen and pollution that has built up during the day. When removing your make up try using a to micellar water, It will remove all your makeup and any sweat off your skin from the hot weather. A couple I like is the micellar water by Garnier and 2-in-1 Cleansing Micellar Gel + Light Makeup Remover from Clinique.

8. Prep for your Allergies

Spring is here the flowers are starting to bloom and you know in a couple of weeks your allergies are going to kick in. Get ahead of the horrible allergy season and prep now, protect yourself from pollen-induced allergies and buy the necessary medication early, don’t wait until you are sneezing and itching.

Most pollen allergies lead to skin inflammation, reddening or if your like my auntie sneeze constantly and curse all plants and flowers around. Most reactions are easy to resolve by taking over the counter anti-histamines or one simple and natural way to help with a pollen allergy is to add locally sourced honey into your diet but if your allergies are extreme always speak to your doctor.

During the warm months where pollen and pollution are all around using a facial mist can help with allergies and keep you cool too. There are lots to choose from try opting for ones with added vitamin C or vitamin E or ones with antioxidant properties.

9. Drink more

A simple and very effective way of improving your skin is to simply drink more water. It sounds simple but try swopping that coffee before bed to a glass of water or adding an extra drink of water in the morning really helps your skin look and feel better.

How do you keep your skin looking and feeling fresh during springtime? Let me know if you have any special skincare tips over on Twitter, Instagram or Pinterest

Sarah x

9 Spring Skincare Routine Tips Healthy Glowing Skin:


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