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22 Homemade Mother's Day Gift Idea's

Do you want some ideas for homemade Mother's Day gifts that are easy to make and will show Mum just how special she is to you?

Whether you are young or old here are 22 ideas of homemade Mother's Day gifts for you to try:

1. Spa in a box

Collect a selection of bath bombs, spa and hair products all in a lovely box for mum to enjoy. This year in adding in a couple of things from the Lush mother's day collection and some things from the Body shop.

2. A Handmade card Nothing says 'I love you mum' like a handmade card, it does not have to be perfect, it just has to be from you. So grab all the felt-tips, stickers and glitter you can find and create something special.

3. A Voucher book A great last-minute gift is a voucher book, either print off the vouchers or get handy with the felt tips and make your own. Add vouchers for things like washing up, a bunch of flowers, a night out and some fun stuff like a voucher for anything starting with the letter s or a voucher for anything that’s the colour pink. It with give the vouchers a fun twist and make them more suited to her and not generic.

4. Decorate a plant pot

Decorate a plant pot for mum to admire all year round, fill it with seed packets and a trowel, so she can grow her own special plant.

5. Knit a gift Knit something special, a hat, scarf or if you have time why not try and make a blanket for her to snuggle up under on cold days.

6. Food hampers This is one of the simplest gifts for Mother's Day but one of the best, grab a hamper or cardboard box and fill it full of all her favourite foods. Add in things like sweets, chocolate and maybe a bottle of wine to give it something special.

7. Movie Night in a box This is a fun one, grab a copy of her favourite movie or a new movie she has been talking about. Add in some different flavours of popcorn, a bottle of pop, fancy chocolates and she bound to have a great movie night. If you can't get a physical copy of a movie, make your own paper ticket to watch something on Netflix, Disney+ or sky movies.

8. Handmade paper flowers

Fun to make with the kids, paper flowers will last a lifetime and never need to be chucked out. For an added bonus spray the paper flowers with perfume so they have a lovely scent.

9. Grow a plant Grab a pot (preferably one you have decorated idea 4.) add some soil and plant a seed. Mum can watch it grow into a lovely flower and admire the pot you have decorated all year round.

10. Draw a picture Every year my son draws his nana a picture for Mother's Day and every year she hangs it up on the wall saying it’s the best one yet. Being a mum I know the little things matter and having a picture that makes you smile every day is worth so much more than a store-bought gift.

11. Write a poem This may be tricky for younger kids but teenagers and adult will have no trouble creating a fun poem for mum.

12. Lollipop photo frame Why not create a colourful lollipop frame for the artwork you have been making (idea 10) make if fun and colourful grab the paint, felt tips, glitter and stickers.

13. Handprint pictures

A fun and messy gift grab a thick piece of card paint your hand and press on the picture, get everyone in the family to do the same buy using a different colour.

14. A Photograph of the family Get everyone together and looking smart and take a picture if you want it to be a surprise for mum don’t tell and young kids what you're doing until the last minute.

15. Bake some cupcakes

Baking cupcakes is always a popular gift they are fun to make and yummy to eat.

16. Make a special afternoon tea Pamper mum on Mother's Day and make her a special afternoon tea, with scones, little sandwiches, cupcakes, biscuits and of course a proper cup of tea.

17. Have a Zoom celebration If you can't go to visit in person why not have a zoom meeting where all the family members join in and have a chat with a cup of tea and tell mum just how special she is this Mother's Day,

18. Pick a bunch of flowers from your garden At this time of year my garden is full of daffodils and bluebells, have a little look and see what flowers are growing in yours and pop them in a vase for Mother's Day.

19. Make breakfast in bed Everyone loves being served breakfast in bed, just remember to clean the kitchen afterwards.

20. Bake a Cake Bake your mum's favourite flavour cake, mine is red velvet cake but if you're not sure a simple vanilla sponge cake always goes down well and add some simple decoration to make it unique.

21. Make a memories book Fill a book with pictures of the whole family and add in pictures of the things you have done together and places you have been, add in things like tickets from movies you have been to or events you enjoyed together.

22. Make palm print flower picture This is a fun and messy gift grab a thick piece of card then paint your hand and press on the picture now paint flowers on the ends of the fingers of your palm print picture add a little painted plant pot and it’s a unique gift for Mother's Day.

How are you celebrating Mother's Day this year? Which gift are you giving your mum on Mother’s Day? Let me know over on Twitter, Instagram or for more gift ideas have a look on my Pinterest.


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