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Lush 2021 Mothers's Day collection

As Mother's Day is approaching fast if you're looking for a unique gift for mothers look no further. Lush cosmetics have just realised their new Mother's day collection and it's not one to be missed, it has limited edition Bubble bars, Bath bombs, body scrubs and more.

Both me and my mother love all things lush and always get excited when they launch their latest collections so when they released their Mother's Day collection I knew I would be picking up a few bits for my mum to enjoy on March 14th. This year we may not be able to celebrate it together by going for a meal or booking a spa day together so this year I'm putting together a spa day at home as a gift for my mum.

Jasmin Crème bubble bar

This beautiful bubble bar is my favourite thing in the whole of Lush’s Mother's Day collection, its subtle appearance of a pearlescent white Jasmin flower shape matches perfectly with its scent. It has a beautifully gentle aroma of ylang-ylang, jasmine and a hint of coconut. Simply break off a piece of the Jasmin Crème bubble bar or crumble the whole bar under the running tap to release the relaxing scent and mountain of bubbles atop swirling creamy white water.

Mother of Pearl bath bomb

This beautiful white pearl-shaped bath bomb has a delicate and relaxing floral scent and skin-softening ingredients which will help you relax after a busy day. This innocent looking bath bomb turns your bath water into a luxurious shimmering milky white colour which will leave your skin feeling soft and cared for. The Mother of Pearl bath bomb is one I wish was part of the main range of Lush bath bomb’s so I can pick one up every now and again.

Rose Gold Bath bomb

This unique bath bomb is beautiful the red and rose gold glitter looks really pretty almost too pretty to use with its ornate flower pattern stamped into the bath bomb. Run your bath and drop in this shimmering bath bomb, relax and unwind with its light relaxing floral scent as it turns your bath into a gorgeous shimmering mix of reds, pinks and oranges.

Mamma Mia shower scrub

The first thing you will notice about the little pot of goodness is the bright pink colour and the fruity scent. This unique body scrub has a very loose consistency which I was not sure of at first but a little goes a long way. The gentle shower scrub leaves your body feeling incredibly smooth, moisturised and smelling of it beautiful fruity vanilla scent.

How to use a shower scrub: Simply scoop out some of the beautifully smelling scrubs and rub it all over your body. I find rubbing in circular motions helps to exfoliate your skin better if you have dry patches then rinse away with warm water. It will leave your skin soft and smooth.

Comfort Zone Shower Bomb

This clever little product form Lush really packs a punch, the scent will hit you sense as soon as the water hits the shower bomb, Envelops you in an aroma of blackcurrant and bergamot. The shower bomb works quickly to turn into a squishy foam and the chia seeds in the mix create a softening gel when combined with water, leaving your skin luxuriously pampered and silky.

How do you use a shower bomb?

  1. Run your shower and let the water warm your body.

  2. hold the shower bomb under the water a little and watch it start to foam and expand.

  3. Take a deep breath, allow the essential oils to surround you

  4. Use your other hand to scoop up the squishy foam and use it to cleanse your body, keep going back and getting more foam until it is all gone.

Violet Cream bubble bar

This violet flower-shaped bubble bar is both beautiful to look at and has a beautiful aroma of uplifting violet and bergamot. It reminds me of the Parma Violet sweets you had as a child only the bubble bar scent is a lot stronger. Simply break off a piece of the Violet Cream bubble bar or crumble the whole bar under the running tap to release the uplifting violet and bergamot scents and a mountain of bubbles on top of lilac coloured water.

Atom Heart Mother bath bomb

This bath bomb with its sky blue colour and white fluffy cloud design is one Lush describe as apple-scented but I pick up a more citrus scent which is probably from the bergamot-oil, Brazilian-orange-oil, orange-flower-absolute that are in the mix. When in the water it fizzes and turns your bath into a swirling mix of sky blues and then deeper dark blue shades while filling the room with an uplifting summers day scent.

There are three beautifully original limited-edition gift sets in Lush’s Mother's Day collection:

Limited Edition You’re the best gift set

A unique trio of shower and body products for mum or that special person in your life. Wrapped in a beautiful flower-covered paper this little gift has a unique mix of sweet-scented and relaxing products to pamper your special person.

The You’re the best gift set contains:

Limited Edition MUM gift set

This lovely gift comes wrapped in beautiful flower design paper containing four lovely floral delights for bath time, perfect for mum, aunties, friends of Whoever you want to feel special this Mother's Day.

The MUM gift set contains:

Limited Edition Happy Mother’s Day gift set

Seven beautifully original products for bath, shower and body. Perfect for mum, aunties, friends of Whoever you want to feel special this Mother's Day all held together in a knot-wrap.

The Happy Mother's Day gift set contains:

All the products are available through their website or if you're lucky enough to have a store near you some stores are able to do click and collect orders so you can have your goodies quicker.

What have you tried out of the collection? What's your favourite treat from Lush? What will you be getting your mum for Mother's Day? Let me know over on Twitter, Instagram or for more inspiration on what to get for Mother's Day check out my Pinterest.


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