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Pumpkin heads - honest book review

Pumpkin heads is not just pictures and pumpkins spice it’s a touching story of the change of friendships like the changing of seasons that brings friends Deja and Josiah together each year but will this year be the end of their friendship? Wil they every meet at the pumpkin patch again?

Pumpkin heads book review

They say don’t judge a book by its cover and it’s true. ‘Pumpkins heads’ is a story for all ages I bought it hoping it would give my son a different outlook on his relationships with his friends, as he’s at an age where his relationships with friends are changing and the story covers a very touching story of true friendship between two teenagers working at their local pumpkin patch throughout the Autumn season. While shopping at my local Waterstones store I noticed the ‘pumpkin heads’ graphic novel by Rainbow Rowell and Faith Erin Hicks on display and after having a quick read of the back cover, I picked it up to take home and read with my son.

This really is a great fall / autumn read and is suitable for all ages and covers the last adventure of two friends who are facing not seeing each other again as college and adult life looms on the horizon. I feel the story was written aimed at the teen / young adult readers but as both I and my son have been reading it together in the evenings the story is written in a way that both me and my son have enjoyed reading it.

This is the first book I have read by Rainbow Rowell and I can’t wait to enjoy reading another the warm and feel good way the book is written is refreshing also with the book being a graphic novel it has kept my sons attention, helped him enjoy and understand the storyline where other books he zones out. Straight away you will notice the fantastic illustrations by Faith Erin Hicks not only do they help to give you a feeling for the two friends, Deja and Josiah, they also give you fall feelings too.

Its a great autumn read for all ages, do you have any other suggestions for a good autumn read? Please let me know over on twitter or tag me over on Instagram.

As always have a lovely day

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