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Natural Ways To Help With Depression

Are you feeling depressed and want a natural way of dealing with it? Sometimes it feels like the only way to feel better is to pop some pills but that’s not the only option, there are natural ways to help with depression.

1. Drink lots No, I don’t mean have a couple of cocktails when you feel down, many studies show that drinking more water naturally helps to elevate your mood. Also, if you are like me and like green tea, it is another good natural drink to help with depression and is said to have some weight-loss benefits too.

4. Get in a routine. When I'm at my lowest every day melts into the next day, I forget what I have done and what I have not done. I have found having a routine helps with getting things done and remembering what has to be done each day so no more forgetting what day the bins go out.

Start by writing a routine for what is going to happen on that one day, add in things like mealtimes, times to take medication and make sure you set your self a bedtime and stick to it. Try and stick to that plan over the next two weeks and when that's done, try and set a routine for the next month. I even plan things like walking the dog and phoning friends, you don't have to stick with the routine but it helps prompt to do things.

5. Eat healthily. Depression can make some eat more and make some eat less or if you're like me and it makes you reach for convenience food because it's quick and easy. But swopping those crisps and biscuits for a healthy snack does make a difference to your mood. I'm not saying completely cut out everything that’s unhealthy except fruit, Veg and water but understanding what foods you crave when you're feeling low can help you get control of what you eating and it will help you feel better.

6. Exercise. A good work out will help raise your endorphins which will temporally help to raise your mood. You don’t have to run a marathon or spend the day at the gym you can simply go for a quick walk or following on online workout class like joe wicks’ on YouTube will make a lot of difference and regular exercise seems to help your mind to rewire itself in positive ways. 7. Talk to someone. yes, I know it's easier said than done but talking about how your feeling makes such a difference. When you are feeling you lowest there is always someone to talk to friends, family, Neighbors. A five-minute conversation with them will not just help you, it may make all the difference in their day too.

8. Spend Time with Nature. Many studies have shown spending time with nature helps you relax and helps combat depression. You don't have to go on a 4-hour hike at the nearest nature reserve to feel the benefits, a simple five-minute walk in the park or if you are lucky enough to have your own garden, sit outside with a cup of tea and have a little break from the daily chaos. Listen to the bird's sing, feel the sun on your skin and just take a moment to relax. I've also found when I'm at my lowest spending time with our family dog really helps too.

If things are really bad talk to your doctor or if you don’t feel like doing that you can always

ring the Samaritans for free. Do you have any other natural suggestions to help with depression? let me know over on Twitter or Instagram. I hope these steps make you feel a little better.

Sarah x


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