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Meet my Powder puff puppy

Meet our newest member of the family Scrappy, she is our Chinese crested powderpuff dog ( actual bread name).

What is a powder puff dog? Well, I asked myself the same question when I was surprised with her, when you google Chinese Crested dogs you will find pictures of hairless dogs with funny teeth. In fact, if you see the worlds ugliest dog competition most winners are Chinese Crested dogs the hairless kind but in some litters, there is a throwback gene which makes them all fluffy. Weird I know but about 1 in 10 will turn out fluffy and of course of your a breeder of the hairless and a fluffy one is in your littler apparently it’s not a popular type of dog that a lot of people want so that’s how we came to care for her and everyone if the family has fallen in love with the little ball of fur.

She is a cute fluffy dog with a serious stubborn streak if she does not want to do something she won’t and she likes to try and steal cups of tea when you're not looking. If you put a cup of tea on the side table she will stealthily get on the couch and lean across to steal your brew and when I tell her off or say 'No!' she looks at me puts her head to one side as in ‘ what? I'm not doing anything’ and then carries on drinking it! The cutest thing she does is no matter who comes to the house she is straight away sitting on their knee like a cat just so she can be stroked and she loves my son when he's been sick she has slept by him all day.

We are still training her so I will let you know all about it and how we get on. Do you have a Pom Pom dog? or any fluffy dog how do you groom yours? are they all so stubborn?? or am I just lucky. let me know over at Twitter, Instagram or for more pictures of her check out my Pinterest.

Sarah x

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