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Making laundry day a dream, The lavender Dream Team!(Ad-Gifted)

Laundry dream team, lenor and bold products

As you will all know the fresh washed smell, when you pull the clothes out of the washing machine is one of my favourite things. Being a mum to a very accident prone boy, that loves to paint and play in the garden means doing lots of washing and re-washing. I love keeping things clean and tidy but it can become a chore really easy so when I was sent a selection of Bold and lenor laundry products to try out as part of the #LaundryDreamTeam I was really excited.

As you can see in the picture there is a theme to all the products i was sent, they are all lavender scented. Lavender is a scent that reminds me of growing up with my mum as lavender is my mum’s favourite scent and we always had lavender plants growing by the back door, so when I smell lavender I think of her.

As part of the #LaundryDreamTeam I was sent three items, the Bold All-in-1 lavender & camomile PODS, Lenor Lavender and Camomile Fabric Conditioner and Lenor Unstoppables in the dreams scent.

Bold All-in-1 Lavender and Camomile PODS.

Bold all in 1 PODS lavender and camomile

The Bold lavender and camomile pods have a true to life scent that takes me back to being younger and helping my mum bring the washing in on summer’s day. It has a soft, relaxing fragrance that does not smell too strong or synthetic. The washing pods are Bold's latest innovation infusing your clothes with invigorating and luxurious scents inspired by nature's most divine fragrances.

I like using the All-In-1 PODS better than traditional washing powder because they are easy to use and are completely mess free. Simply chuck one in with your washing and that’s it. The Bold All-in-1 Pods have a unique three-chamber design, that features cleaning detergent and a built in fabric softener for cleaner, fresher and softer clothes.

Their is one down side to the pods, the container they come in has a child proof lid which takes me a few minutes to get into but struggling with the lid also gives me piece of mind that if my child was to try and play with them they couldn’t get in.

Lenor Lavender and Camomile Fabric Conditioner.

Lenor lavender and camomile fabric conditioner

Lenor’s lavender & camomile has a gentle, refreshing fragrance that packs a punch on your laundry. The Lenor fabric condition is specially formulated to nurture and enrich your clothes and helps to preserve your fabrics from the very first wash. Lenor’s fabric conditioner helps to reduce wrinkling, protect your clothes from stretching, speed up drying times and makes ironing a whole lot easier with less fading and bobbling. So your clothes will stay looking beautiful for longer.

Lenor Unstoppables Dreams.

lenor Unstoppables

Lenor Unstoppables scent booster keeps your clothes smelling fresher for longer, i like adding them when I’m washing bedding and towels as the scent really holds a long time on them. Simply chuck a cup full of these cleaver little beads in the drum at the start of the wash and they infuse your clothes with a luxurious scent of vanilla, lavender and Jasmine that you will notice, when you pull something out of you wardrobe. I have used the Unstoppables before but not in this scent, in the fresh scent and that too leaves everything smelling lovely, even after a couple of weeks in a drawer it still holds the scent.

I am really pleased I was sent this selection of products to try and I will be buying more in the future. Especially the different scents of the Bold All-In-1 PODS and Lenor fabric conditioner, as their so easy to use and I’m interested to seeing the other scents are as true to life as the lavender and camomile.

Have you tried the Lavender and camomile fragrance? or do you have any tips for keeping your clothes and bedding smelling gorgeous for a long time? let me know in the comments or over on Instagram or twitter.

*I was sent these products free but was not asked to write this blog post I was just impressed with how easy to use and fantastically scented they are.

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