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New Lenore Outdoorable Fabric Conditioner / Softener Review: (AD gifted)

There is nothing better than that smell you get when your washing has been line dried, is there?

In an ideal world, all my washing would be line-dried but with our weather being so miserable lately, one day raining the next snowing. it’s not always possible to pop your washing on the line and leave it to dry in the sunshine, that’s where the new Outdoorable range from Lenore is making a big difference come washing day, Letting you enjoy fresh-smelling clothes as if you’ve dried them outside, even when you dry inside!

Are you like me and put off doing the washing when it is raining outside? Then Lenor has just launched a new product that’s perfect for you. promises you the freshness as if your washing had been dried outside. Lenor Outdoorable is a New Fabric Softener that is going to change your washing routine for the better. I was excited and pleasantly surprised to find out I'm am one of the lucky few people to have been sent a bottle from trnd to review and give my honest opinion.

Each bottle comes in an eco-friendly 840ml bottle made from 100% recycled plastic, the ultra-concentrated formula gives you a very impressive 60 washes per bottle. Each bottle comes with an easy to pour top and includes a very handy detachable measuring cup so you can be sure to measure just the right amount to keep your clothes soft and smelling amazing, something I wish all bottle came with.

What is different about Lenor Ourdoorable?

The new Lenor Outdoorable range has some pretty fancy scent boosting technology behind its simple appearance. Lenor has used a unique technology called ‘SolarDry’, which has been designed to mimic the effect that sunlight has on clothes when it is line drying in the sun, it gives your washing a fresh air-dried feeling even on those days you have to dry them indoors. It even helps to prevent that horrible musty scent you can sometimes get from drying your clothes inside.

Lenor Outdoorable is being launched in three different scents:

Summer Breeze -- I was lucky enough to have been sent this one, it gives your washing a warm and bright summertime scent with a citrus zing and buttercup notes.

Spring Awakening -- breezy and invigorating fragrance that's a mix of ocean air and musk, it is one of Lenor’s most popular scents.

Pink Blossom -- Lenore’s rosiest scent, bursting with the aromas of flowers, a fruity fragrance of apple blossom, watermelon and a hint of amber.

What I like most about Lenor Outdooables fabric conditioner

Like all Lenor fabric softeners, the scent is really strong when in the bottle and the great thing is the scent on your freshly washed clothes is nice and strong too.

The easy to pour bottle and attached measuring cup makes it easy to use just the right amount and not waste the softener.

Using the new Lenor Outdorable softener has really improved my washing day, from the first time put away my dried and ironed washing, I could smell the difference. I have always hated having my washing drying inside and seeing my laundry hanging on the clothes dryer in the corner of the kitchen. Using Lenor Outdoorables has made a made my washing day a dream, it means I don't have to wait until the weather is brighter to get the freshness of drying outside, inside.

I've noticed it on offer at my local supermarket for £2.50 which is a decent price considering how many washes you get out of each bottle. I love how a little bottle goes a long way because the ultra-concentrated formula is 2.5x more concentrated versus other Lenor fabric conditioners on the market and the scent stays strong after the washing was ironed and folded away.

We would 100% recommend this new range of Outdoorable fabric conditioners from Lenor to anyone like me who loves the smell and feel of line dried clothes but can't wait until the weather gets better to pop them on the washing line and it's perfect for families who don’t have an outdoor area to dry clothes.

Have you tried Lenor’s new Outdorables? Let me know what you think over on Twitter, Instagram or for more wash day inspiration check out my Pinterest.

*This was sent to me to give my honest opinion #AD #Gifted #OutdoodableFresh


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