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Mac Waterweight foundation review

When I heard about Mac’s water weight foundation I was really excited and yet very sceptical because of two things. One I had heard all these beauty vloggers talking about it saying things like no caking, no need to wear SPF anymore and it’s what unicorns would wear. Ok that last bit about unicorns was made up but the number of people on social media claiming it was the best thing kind of put me on off as too many time have I been duped into buying things as they were ‘life-changing’ and they were just waste on money. The second thing is and I know this sounds trivial but I have really pale skin, yes a have many mac lipsticks and highlighters etc but the foundation is always hard for me to get a match. I either look orange, yellow or if it’s a foundation that “adjusts to the shade of your skin” then brown as I have freckles and for some reason, they all go the same shade as my freckles.

Before buying I decided I would go in-store and have a look at the proper shades as my normal go with the lightest shade was foiled by choosing between walk and cool tones and even asking the girl who was running around trying to help everyone she did not help she told me I’m warm-toned but I have always known I’m cool-toned at every other store I’ve had a consultation so was unsure but went with her choice as she the professional, I just like to play with the makeup.

The bottle itself is a cute glass bottle with a dropper instead on a pump as with the formula being soo thin I presume you would get too much product using a pump. The foundation does not have any scent that I noticed but it is really thin!! I have dry/combination skin so thick foundations just feel uncomfortable this feels great and the best way to describe it is that I forgot I was wearing foundation it feels natural when on. I use a beauty blender to put my foundation on and I feel it works well, I know Mac says use a brush because the formula being so thin using a sponge can waste more product but I love my beauty blenders. One thing you must do before using it, shake the bottle and I mean really shake the bottle as the mixture ‘settles’ and separates a little but a little shake and it is good to go.

The coverage is sheer but buildable to a medium which is perfect for me as like I've mentioned before I have freckles so the full-coverage foundation can make me look like a completely different person well like a ghost as without my freckle’s I’m super pale! I did try and use a brush to put my foundation on and it did go on thicker coverage so go with what works best for you. I fell you can use this as part of a full face makeup look and it will look good but if like me you prefer the natural look then throw on a nice lippy, a coat of mascara and your good to go.

How long does it last? Well, you can go swimming while wearing it but I’ve been wearing it most days to work and it lasts all day I will retouch if going out after work around 5/6pm but other than that its lasted fine. When i first put on the water weight foundation noticed straight away that it gave me healthy-looking skin, yes I said it's healthy-looking no cakey makeup and it looks dewy on but its not marketed like but that defiantly how it looks on me.

Are all the claims true? I’m pleased to say yes, it is really thin and gently on, it does last and you can build the coverage. It does have SPF30 in it but i wear sunscreen under it as well on sunny days as the foundation is thin I don’t think it will offer much protection but anything with SPF is ok by me.

This is my go-to foundation at the moment but if you have any suggestions of other products I should try let me know on over on Twitter, Instagram or Pinterest.

Sarah x

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