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The Best Everyday Lipsticks for women under 30

a collection of mac, nxx kvd beauty and other lipsticks in variouse shades.
the best lipsticks for women under 30

Everyone knows I love my lipsticks it’s a simple way of making myself look and feel better and here are a few of my favourites that are great for all occasions for women under 30..

I have to be honest I love my MAC lipsticks, not only do they have a great colour range and have a unique sweet scent that I love but the have all kinds finishes from retro matte to creamsheen . The ones I wear most often are: crème cup – this is the perfect delicate creamy pink shade, Please me – a rose/pink shade, Kinda sexy – pink with a hint of beige, Patisserie – this is a gentle pale pink and Angel – this is what I call a true pink shade it a muted bright pink.

a selection of lipsticks from MAC
Mac lipstick collection - Beautifully original

The one of the best value lip colours on the high street are the NYX butter glosses which smell amazing with their vanilla scent and even though they are glosses. The ones I wear most often are: Eclaire – a cool toned light pink, crème brulee – a peachy pink and strawberry parfait – a strong pink

On the liquid lipstick’s I am loving Kat Von D’s everlasting liquid lipstick collection I have both MELANCHOLIA – a bright rose colour and LOLITA ll – a chestnut rose shade in full size and a mini of the SAINT shade – a muted rose and I love them. They are perfect for special events as they are really long wearing and are kind on my lips. I was recently given the NARS liquid lip lacquer in Orgasm with is more like a shear gloss but the shade adds a extra dimension on natural lips with is dusk peachy pink shade and golden glitter flakes.

What’s your favorite lip colours? What brands should do you love?

Let me know and as always have a beautiful day x

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