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Detective Pikachu movie review: One Pokémon movie you have to watch

Pokemon detective pikachu movie review

Have you seen the adverts for the new Pokémon movie and not sure if it’s worth watching? Does your child keep asking to watch the Detective Pikachu movie but you’re not sure if you’re going to be able to sit there for over an hour watching Pokémon?

Detective Pikachu is not just another Pokémon movie, it has amazing CGI and special effects, a heartfelt story line that covers loss, loneliness, hope, love and finding family. Ryan Reynolds is the voice of the caffeine addicted detective Pikachu who is battling memory loss, trying to find what happened to his partner harry. Working with Harry’s son Tim who initially is not happy to be working with a Pokémon they work together to solve the mystery. Tim who travelled to rhyme city when hearing of his dad death, discovers the overzealous reporter Lucy and her over stressed Pokémon psyduck who help them solve the puzzle of what happened to harry Pikachu’s partner. Along the way they meet lots of the Pokémon you will have seen in the cartoons and there may be a battle or two and a whole lot of exciting adventure.

pokemon movie detective pikachu

Having a Pokémon crazy son made this movie all the more special he went from being amazed seeing the “real” Pokémon world with them running round in the wild to crying when Pikachu is injured. Although the movie is aimed at children it seemed a lot of the parents we enjoying themselves to.

We watched Detective Pikachu when it was released to cinemas on may 10th when will you watch it? In the cinema or will you wait until it’s released on DVD?

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