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Blackpool Tower review

British summer is here and the weather is beautiful, so days out are always a great way to keep the little ones occupied and going to the beach on a sunny day makes it all the better. One of our favourite places to visit as a family is the world-famous Blackpool, it has everything beaches, a funfair with thrilling rides for all ages, historic theatres, arcades where you will win all sorts of amazing prizes and of course the most famous thing the iconic Blackpool tower.

We have tried to visit the tower a few times and never got chance to because of the weather or being it closed for refurbishment. But this time it was a lovely sunny day, we walked up and bought our tickets on the day yes it’s a lot cheaper if you pre-book or if you buy a multi-ticket to a few of Blackpool’s attractions but as we were only their for a few hours it was perfect timing to finally go up the tower.

What to expect?

Once you start your “trip up the tower” you will have a photo session were of course at the end you can buy one with a 4D Cinema Experience which both surprised and delighted us. My son was amazed as we flew across the Irish Sea with the seagulls flying side by side, took a step back in time and watched the tower being built and See the glamour of the ballroom over the years. The show only lasts for about 5 minutes but it leaves you thinking about how iconic the tower really is and how over the past 120 years the tower has been part of British history. It actually made me think of my grandparents when they used to come to the tower ballroom when they were “courting” and when i used to come to Blackpool as a child.

Blackpool tower 3D show

Next you will get to ride in the lift up to the main viewing floor 390ft high my son enjoyed going up in the lift as you get some Spectacular Views of how the tower is constructed with all it metal beam and rivets and it only takes a couple of minuets to reach the top.

view from Blackpool tower

When you get out of the lift you are faced with a choice stay on solid ground or brave walking on the glass viewing platform. Me and my son found it fun he’s a little thrill sealer like me so he had no problem however his dad is scared of heights and did stand on it although he went very pale and made the excuse their was too many people on it and was letting other people stand on it instead.

Blackpool tower glass floor

Those of you who are worried about the safety of taking kids up so high you are completely enclosed on the first level this is where you will get the best photos as you look out onto the sea and town via glass windows.

You can go up the two other levels via the spiral staircases they are quite narrow and Going all the way to the top does not add much to the view and these levels are more open but with lots of safety nets and high railing that block the view if your trying to take a picture but make you feel safe when your over 401ft in the air!

Beautifully original family at Blackpool

We all had a great day I do wish we could have gone to the other parts of the tower Blackpool Tower Ballroom and Blackpool Tower Circus but we would have queued back at the entrance to buy tickets and the queue was really long so when went to explore the rest of the town and the arcades.

Whats your favourite place to visit with your family? have you been up to the top of the tower?

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