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Spinmasters New Monster Jam Toy Review

Monster Jam starter set

From being a little tot my son has loved monster truck's, starting with watching Blaze and the monster machines cartoon to him discovering real monster trucks when were on holiday in America a couple of years back. So when Monster Jam came to the UK it was a no brainer that we would take him to see the show. Which he and enjoyed so much he has not stopped taking about it, he has even asked if we can buy one as the family car. So when I was sent these sets I knew he would be over the moon, however I under estimated just how much he would like them as he has not stopped playing with them since I gave them him.

Monster Jam Blue Thunder review 1:64

Monster Jam: Monster Dirt 'Blue Thunder' started set

This fun set features a 1:64 scale model of ‘Blue Thunder’ which I was pleasantly surprised how detailed the truck is from the BKT tires to the chassis details and the set comes with your very own ramp and monster dirt (kinetic sand) for you to shape and mold to make your own ramps and monster Jam stadium, you even get a little multi-tool that we use to make different patterns in the sand. The starter set is a perfect gift as it has enough sand to make jumps and if you add in extra trucks like you get in the twin pack it give you hours of extra fun.

Monster Jam twin pack 1:64 review

Monster Jam: 1:64 Die case twin pack 'Megalodon & pirate’s curse'

Replicas of the world famous monster trucks that have been scaled down to a fun size for your kids to have fun practising jumps and crashing them together. Each monster truck has an amazing amount of details that match the ‘real’ trucks you will see on T.V and each truck has a replica person in the driver’s seat.

If you want any more information have a look at they have loads of different kits and monster trucks to collect.

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