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Addict A Ball maze 1 honest review

Addict A Ball (maze 1) is a fun 3-D puzzle, the aim of the game is to move a shiny silver ball through a rainbow-coloured maze of spirals, bridges and holes that seem easy to beat buts it’s not. In fact, I would go as far as to say this game is frustratingly fun and impossible to play without going through a range of emotion from I can do this it’s easy, to why does the ball keep going the wrong way? To I’m just going to give it one more try and then one more and one more try until ........ yes I did it! Wonder if I can do it again?

Everyone in our family has played and loved it from my Severn year old who will lie upside down on the couch doing it as he thinks that helps him complete the challenge of Addict A Ball, I find it completely impossible to play with this without having my mouth wide open and grandad keeps saying he doesn’t play with it but I keep catching him trying to complete the challenge. The game is made out of mostly plastic but I have to say it has been dropped a few times and not broke or even marked so it’s made of good quality plastic.

The Ball itself is around 19cm in diameter think small football, so easy for everyone to hold and has been really popular with my son’s friends when they have come round after school. Online I’ve found it priced from £9.99 to £18.99 for the Maze 1 Addict A Ball and I can honestly say it’s worth the higher prices as it is played with all the time and with the release of maze 2 I think I will have to pick that up just to see if I can complete it.

How you managed to compleat the puzzle? do you have any other suggestions for other puzzles to try? let me know over on Twitter or Instagram.

Sarah x


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